Top Ten Things I Learned From ‘The X-Files’

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Our main Monk Marvin has been busy this weekend. So Rick is here again and I took it upon myself to come up with a top 10 for the week. I had my 10 year reunion just a few weeks ago and I have been thinking of people who have come and gone in my life since those days and thought about Janette Meza, one of my closest friends in High School who had a thing for calling me Mulder and naturally I’d call her Scully. We were geeks and proud of it. And with that here are the top 10 things I learned from the X-Files.

1. Define which truth you’re looking for, the truth of what? The existence of Extraterrestrials? What happened to your sister? Does your stubbornly skeptical partner secretly have the hots for you?
2. The search for what you desire, takes sacrifice, friends and occasional feats of insubordination.
3. Occam’s razor’s ‘the simplest explanation is often the correct one’ is a good way to look at things, and sometimes Occam lacked imagination. Generally the most farfetched theory is the most correct.
4. Thinking outside of the box can get you places, like an abandoned satellite station in Mexico or a Submarine in the middle of the artic.
5. Trusting No One is a good rule, trusting everyone is an interesting way to go, finding a middle ground is your best bet.
6. In the pursuit of truth, there is a risk of losing your ideals and your way, confide in your friends and let them help you keep true to yourself.
7. Know when to cut your losses and get the hell out of dodge.
8. It helps to know people in high places; they can get out of trouble, such as, if you broke into a military base to catch a glimpse of an alien.
9. Sometimes it doesn’t take a safe with the most sophisticated security system to keep something secure from the wrong people. Sometimes all you need is an airport locker.
10. Secrets that have been buried away and forgotten often find ways to resurface. So take care of your crap before it take care of you.

That’s it Monks, if any of you Special Agents out there can come up with any more, leave a comment and let us know. Much like how, here at TheForgottenMonk, we try to find truth in Movies, Television and Books, Mulder tried to find his truth with a passionate search for Extraterrestrials and his missing sister. Whatever truth your looking for, the ‘Truth is out there’ and some of can even be found here from week to week.

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