Top Ten Things I Learned From ‘The Last Starfighter’

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Hello Monks! CHEER at the RETURN OF RECKLESS RICK!!!! Yes I know its been a little bit, but I’ve been a Busy Monk, trying to get things together and working on this thing called Life. Thanks to the lessons and insights of! Subscribe now!

For this week’s top 10 I wanted to talk about “The Last Starfighter” It’s always been one of my favorite movies. It had a lot of heart and is a classic that has a special place in my heart. Being a timeless tale of intergalactic heroism, I pondered what lessons there are to learn from the movie, with no further ado, our weekly top 10.

1. Don’t worry about everyone asking you to take care of everything they are too lazy to do themselves. You’ll eventually leave all those jerks behind to save the universe.

2. Dealing with your girlfriend, hard. Being the last star fighter against the Kodan armada, not as hard.

3. There are no speed limits on flying cars.

4. Video games can save the galaxy and is a great training tool.

5. The little things matter, even a high score.

6. Never sell yourself short, if you think that your just a kid from a trailer park, then that is all your ever be.

7. Finding the hero can be a profitable business.

8. Find something to fight for, for example, your family and your girlfriend, who is back home getting it on with your Beta Unit.

9. If you are the one ship against the armada, you can hide out in asteroid that isn’t considered a strategic blind spot.

10. The Enemy’s over confidence always leads them to keep their vulnerable weak spot exposed to attack.

Its good to be back. Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, and Happy everything else I’ve missed. Tell your friends about us.

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