Top Ten Things I’ve Learned From Recent Video Games

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Hello everyone.

I’m Leiandra from Zanderfin’s Wow “Casual” Raiding . I was a little hesitant when Marvin first asked me to post the top 10 things I’ve learned from World of Warcraft. I just couldn’t think of 10 things. So, I took the liberty of widening the category a bit and bring you.

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned From Recent Video Games

1. Playing Wow can give you the competitive edge over other candidates for a job. And it’s okay to put it on your resume.

2. Video games have evolved and relatively large, legacy game systems can now be held in the palm of your hand.

3. Some games get you to move.

4. Some games get you to groove.

5. And some even get you in the mood.

6. There are different games for all ages.

7. And some games encompass all ages.

8. Video games can help hand/eye coordination.

9. Some people spend way too much time playing video games.

10. There are girls that play video games on the Internet.

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One Comment on "Top Ten Things I’ve Learned From Recent Video Games"

  1. claire on Wed, 5th Dec 2007 8:24 pm 

    hmmmm….#8 is my husband’s reason (excuse) for playing games for hours on long.

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