The Prodigal Monk Returns

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My loyal readers, my fellow monks, it’s been a long while I know. Believe me there are a lot of reasons for my absence. I know, they’re just excuses.

1) Subject matter: This blog has really been about self improvement through books, movies and tv (BMT). Since I didn’t have any real life mentors, I had to do some of my learning from BMT. My other problem was I couldn’t use real life examples because too many of my friends and relatives knew about the blog. So of course I couldn’t write about how my wife’s friend was too shy and embaressed to go on a blind date or how at friend. This limited my list of choices of things to write about as a result the blog seemed more generic and less personal.

2) Not seeing too much in terms of ROI. I know this stuff takes time to build. But not seeing any results is not easy. Especially when you’re investigating other money making models

3) Lack of time. A whole lot of people have time at work to maintain their blogs. I really don’t. I get watched like a hawk over here. When I go home at night, I perform my fatherly duties and when everyone goes to bed, I have about an hour and a half for my work and lately I’ve been working on Affiliate Marketing.

So these are the reasons I haven’t been around. I intend to keep things up around here. At it’s core my blog is more about self improvement. There are humorous posts like my top tens, there are inspirational posts like my clip of the weeks. The rest are really about what we can learn from this movie or that book. John Chow’s blog has an interesting post titled ‘Top Ten Blog Traffic Tip

The way I see it I either have to change my niche completely or at least refocus it somehow. One of his suggestions is to be more personal, talk about my personal goals and dreams. Perhaps that is what I’ll do. And maybe religiously follow my ‘to-do’ lists.

Anyways, I’m back and I intend to stay awhile. So be patient and stay tuned!

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