Clip of the Week: The Numa Numa Dance

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I love stories when something unexpected suddenly becomes a huge hit. My next two clips of the week are that way.

2003 – Eastern European band O-Zone releases a song titled “Dragostea din Tei”

2004 – 19 year old Gary Brolsma of New Jersey hears the song and recrods himself lip-synching to the lyrics with his webcam

December 6, 2004 Gary uploads the video to internet video site He calls it the ‘Numa Numa Dance’

within weeks the video is seen by millions of people.

2005 Video sharing website YouTube launches.

The ‘Numa Numa Dance’ inspires thousands of copycat videos and is eventually downloaded over 700 million times itself.

The Numa Numa song as it is now called, hits #1 in 32 countries and sells more than 12 million copies worldwide

March 23, 2007 VH1 names Gary Brolsma the #1 Internet Superstar

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Top Ten Things I Learned from Cloverfield

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Rick here once again. Cloverfield is here, and yes, I survived the incident. I thought it was pretty good, not great mind you but pretty good. There are a few things I didn’t like, but this isn’t a review site or we’d be more pretentious and love ourselves a lot more.

Monsters, Chaos, all hell breaking loose, sure that’s just a day in the life of yours truly, but this movie did have its lessons to pass on.

1. Cell phone batteries stolen out of the store come fully charged.
2. Rats that all run in one direction, always means there is something very bad in the direction they are coming from. Don’t think, don’t observe, just run.
3. Don’t bother with dark underground tunnels, stay up top, where there is light. You want to know what’s coming at you, so you can act accordingly.
4. Watch the News report that tells you there are little creatures falling off the Bigger monster and are wreaking havoc, then completely forget about the potential problem when the rats are fleeing a danger and you have to stand around to talk about it.
5. Even after the news report, don’t bother finding any rudimentary weapons before venturing into the dark subway tunnel.
6. Even if she somehow pisses you off when she comes to your going away party be nice and don’t let it bother you. Otherwise you might end up having to trek across the town, endanger all your friends, in the middle of utter chaos to go and get her back and finally tell her you love her.
7. If your in-love with that certain someone, and at one point, you both give in to those feelings and sleep with each other. THAT point, might be a very good time, to tell him/her that you love them.
8. Always check your tape before you record over it.
9. Good days are common, great days are hard to come by, if you get it on tape, pull it out of the camera, mark it, and save it.
10. Never EVER! Go to New York, especially Manhattan.

Top 10 Things I Learned from AVP

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Hello Monks. Rick here again with the top 10! This time I tackle Alien vs. Predator Requiem. Sure it wasn’t Aliens, but at least it wasn’t that first AvP movie. There were a few things to learn from this movie. And at least one very good one. Here it is, enjoy.

1. The sewer makes great living quarters for the homeless and a superb breeding ground for the alien infestation.
2. The hospital is a great place to give birth and a superb breeding ground for the alien infestation.
3. A hunting trip with your boy is all fun and games, just never, under any circumstances check out that strange object that fell from the sky. Doing so only leads to a horrible death.
4. When you pick up your dead Predator comrade from the Alien/Predator show down. Inspect the body for infection before allowing it on board.
5. There may not be any honor in killing the cop who stumbled upon you as you clean up someone else’s mess. But it sure is fun skinning him.
6. Panicking in the middle of an alien hive achieves only one thing. Getting yourself killed.
7. Corporeal Hicks learned the lessons of his forefathers, why send down a platoon of troops to die trying to cleanse out the Alien infestation when you can do all the work by nuking it from orbit.
8. Always listen to the person with the Military background. It could mean the difference between surviving and death by nuclear cleansing. (see number 8)
9. As much as you like the hot blonde with the douche bag boyfriend, it only leads to trouble, a kick to the stomach and your keys getting dumped in the alien infested sewer.
10. The Predators are a clean society; their blue goo can get rid of anything, from bodies to that gravy stain in your suit jacket.

Top Ten Things I Learned From ‘The X-Files’

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Our main Monk Marvin has been busy this weekend. So Rick is here again and I took it upon myself to come up with a top 10 for the week. I had my 10 year reunion just a few weeks ago and I have been thinking of people who have come and gone in my life since those days and thought about Janette Meza, one of my closest friends in High School who had a thing for calling me Mulder and naturally I’d call her Scully. We were geeks and proud of it. And with that here are the top 10 things I learned from the X-Files.

1. Define which truth you’re looking for, the truth of what? The existence of Extraterrestrials? What happened to your sister? Does your stubbornly skeptical partner secretly have the hots for you?
2. The search for what you desire, takes sacrifice, friends and occasional feats of insubordination.
3. Occam’s razor’s ‘the simplest explanation is often the correct one’ is a good way to look at things, and sometimes Occam lacked imagination. Generally the most farfetched theory is the most correct.
4. Thinking outside of the box can get you places, like an abandoned satellite station in Mexico or a Submarine in the middle of the artic.
5. Trusting No One is a good rule, trusting everyone is an interesting way to go, finding a middle ground is your best bet.
6. In the pursuit of truth, there is a risk of losing your ideals and your way, confide in your friends and let them help you keep true to yourself.
7. Know when to cut your losses and get the hell out of dodge.
8. It helps to know people in high places; they can get out of trouble, such as, if you broke into a military base to catch a glimpse of an alien.
9. Sometimes it doesn’t take a safe with the most sophisticated security system to keep something secure from the wrong people. Sometimes all you need is an airport locker.
10. Secrets that have been buried away and forgotten often find ways to resurface. So take care of your crap before it take care of you.

That’s it Monks, if any of you Special Agents out there can come up with any more, leave a comment and let us know. Much like how, here at TheForgottenMonk, we try to find truth in Movies, Television and Books, Mulder tried to find his truth with a passionate search for Extraterrestrials and his missing sister. Whatever truth your looking for, the ‘Truth is out there’ and some of can even be found here from week to week.

Life Lessons from the Movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

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Hey Monks, this is Rick again. Marvin asked me to lend another helping hand. I just picked up Pirates 3, which lead us to write up a top 10 for the Pirates series. This is what we came up with. If you come up with any more, let us know.

  1. Sometimes rules are just guidelines.
  2. You can be a pirate and still be a good man or woman.
  3. Every desire, gold, jewels or love… they all come at a price and sometimes a nifty voodoo curse.
  4. You can’t run from whom you are. If you’re a pirate, you’re a pirate accept it.
  5. Everyone can be a Captain of his or her very own Pirate ship and is a master of swordplay.
  6. You have to know what you want to be able to get there.
  7. If you make plans 10 years in advance, you better show up.
  8. Leverage can go a long way.
  9. Cannons can shoot out anything
  10. When scrambling to escape from a life threatening situation, always remember to stop, smell the… wiff of rum in a flask just shot out of a cannon and take a swig.

Well. I hope you have a great weekend. The third movie wasn’t so good but I highly recommend the first one!

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned From Recent Video Games

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Hello everyone.

I’m Leiandra from Zanderfin’s Wow “Casual” Raiding . I was a little hesitant when Marvin first asked me to post the top 10 things I’ve learned from World of Warcraft. I just couldn’t think of 10 things. So, I took the liberty of widening the category a bit and bring you.

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned From Recent Video Games

1. Playing Wow can give you the competitive edge over other candidates for a job. And it’s okay to put it on your resume.

2. Video games have evolved and relatively large, legacy game systems can now be held in the palm of your hand.

3. Some games get you to move.

4. Some games get you to groove.

5. And some even get you in the mood.

6. There are different games for all ages.

7. And some games encompass all ages.

8. Video games can help hand/eye coordination.

9. Some people spend way too much time playing video games.

10. There are girls that play video games on the Internet.

Top Ten Things I Learned From Watching 300

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For todays top ten I selected ‘300’. Enjoy everyone and have a great Monday.

1. To prevent a million foreigners into your land all you need is 300 people.
2. Corpses make a great wall.
3. If your child isn’t perfect throw them off a cliff
4. The act of saying “No” to someone isn’t as effective as kicking that someone, in the chest, down a very deep pit.
5. Your enemies will look Nigerian, Chinese, South Asian, Arab, Russian, Italian or deformed
6. Don’t waste time building incredible armor all you need is an awesome six-pack.
7. Hell is a popular place to eat for dinner
8. A volley of arrows is a great way to create shade
9. The best way to win over the Senate is to find the most vocal leader of the opposition and run him through with a dull blade
10. Bad things happen when someone bows down

For 300 Products:

Top 10 Things I Learned from ‘The Last Starfighter’

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Hi everyone, I’m Rick, Marvin’s little brother. He asked me to come up with a top ten this week and after some thought I wanted to go with a long time favorite of mine, The Last Starfighter. I hope you enjoy it. Funny doesn’t come easily. Being a timeless tale of intergalactic heroism, I pondered what lessons there are to learn from the movie, with no further ado, our weekly top 10.

1. Don’t worry about everyone asking you to take care of everything they are too lazy to do themselves. You’ll eventually leave all those jerks behind to save the universe.
2. Dealing with your girlfriend, hard. Being the last star fighter against the Kodan armada, less hard.
3. There are no speed limits on flying cars.
4. Video games can save the galaxy and is a great training tool.
5. The little things matter, even a high score.
6. Never sell yourself short, if you think that your just a kid from a trailer park, then that is all your ever be.
7. Finding the hero can be a profitable business.
8. Find something to fight for, for example, your family and your girlfriend. Who is back home getting it on with your Beta Unit.
9. If you are the one ship against the armada, you can hide out in asteroid that isn’t considered a strategic blind spot.
10. The Enemy’s over confidence always leads them to keep their vulnerable weak spot exposed to attack.

Clip of the Week: Kiwi!

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Ok, For whatever reason this clip really inspires me. It is also one of the winning videos from last Years Videos of the year. The clip is of a Kiwi, a bird who cannot fly, who comes up with a way through massive effort to create the illusion of flight. And I think it has a really powerful message.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Because some people were not happy with the ending I’ve included an alternate ending here to keep your respective weekends happy!

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Have a great weekend guys!

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Top Ten Things I’ve Learned from The Karate Kid

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I had previously had plans with my beautiful wife for the long weekend. But she stood me up to help out an old friend. So I was stuck at home and watched ‘The Karate Kid’ this weekend. So, to make the best of things I decided to create a top ten karate kid piece. So, to start your week on a humorous note here it is.

1. You listen Mr. Miyagi no question.

2. When you want your enemy out of commission sweep the leg.

3. To make your kids do their chores teach them Karate

4. All the popular rich kids hang out at Golf-n-Stuff

5. Before attempting the impossible, catch a fly with chopsticks

6. Most important things in life are held by your heart and mind, except your pants.

7. When injured, rub your hands together and massage the area for complete recovery

8. When you want balance in life, beat someone up

9. All Old Asian Handymen who fix toilets are martial art masters

10. Crane kick beats right punch

Anything to add? Please comment to me.

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