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Ok, my stated Monthly Goal is to reach 50 rss subscribers by December 1, 2007. My efforts are paying off. I’m not going to say just how much right now. I will say there is a definite increase in subscribers. Thanks everyone! I still need more if I’m going to make or surpass my goal. So everyone else come on and subscribe!

For any current subscriber and any new subscriber. I will pick a random winner. That winner will be able to choose between ”Awaken the Giant Within”, ‘Success Built to Last : Creating a Life that Matters’ or ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.

If you already signed up please let me know so you’re your name will have a chance at a prize I’m giving out. Pass the word to your friends. Come on and help me achieve my goal!

Field of Goals

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There’s a whole lot of literature out there regarding following your dreams. Which seems like a really nice concept. I like the idea. But, how does someone know it’s realistic or even attainable?

Seeing shows like “American Idol” you see that for the vast majority of the singers they have no chance of attaining their dream. Yet, they declare they’ll make it big some day.

On the other hand, you get a William Hung, who has got to be in the bottom percentile he makes it somewhat big at least for a small while. What if you’re a father supporting a wife and three kids, is it ok to leave your job and suddenly declare, “Ok going to be a world class painter”?

Several years ago, I met an aspiring actress. She told me about her dream to be an A-List actress. I asked her if she had an agent, she said “No”, I asked her if she’d been in anything, she replied “No”, I asked if she had any training or schooling in acting, she replied “No”, Then somehow the conversation turned to where she’d start, I said something like, “Harrison Ford’s first gig was an extra in some movie as a waiter”. to which she proclaimed, “Oh No! I’m not going to start as an extra, I’m going to start as the lead role”. I sat there thinking “This girl is delusional. But, good luck with that.”

It almost seems that ‘follow your dreams’ is really setting a goal for yourself. But, when is attaining that goal unrealistic?

When is it delusional or a lost cause? Comment please!

The Pursuit of Motivation

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Lately I’ve noticed numerous postings regarding ways to motivate oneself. There’s apathy among many people. And I see many people answer these posts by advising to write down how they want to see their lives. I’ve always felt, that’s not good enough.

A movie/book that really displays intense desire and motivation is ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’. Here is, Chris Gardner, a man with a child who became homeless on the San Francisco streets. Because of his situation he was highly motivated. So much so that his determination and resourcefulness

Chris’s actions in the movie/book demonstrate intense motivation. Sometimes you really have to feel something is at stake. Maybe it’s the lives of your family or the thought of being homeless. If you don’t have that, it’s easy to be complacent.

How do you guys motivate yourselves? Can you think of good examples of someone who had to dig deep to motivate himself or herself in order to accomplish a specific task? Please share.

What we can learn from Writers

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Think I’m crazy for creating a blog that talks about things to learn from books, movies and tv? Think again. When we are at a loss of what to do in a situation we can go to our friends, historical figures, and I believe characters in books, movies and tv.

Antique author
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Great Writers either know their material or they research it thoroughly. Like Author Golden who wrote ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ after hitting a roadblock he started actually researching everything he could about the culture and the time period. And he interviewed actual living geishas. He threw away his five hundred-page manuscript and started over. He ended up writing such a realistic account that others believe he was writing about an actual living and breathing person.

Writers come up with an enormous variety of situations from normal to far extreme situations that hopefully none of us will ever have to worry about. But a key to how these characters react or pro act is the fact that writers have time to really consider and explore the outcomes these characters go through. Like Santiago, a character from ‘The Alchemist’, who has to decide between continuing down the path he is currently on and traveling down the path his heart wants to follow.

Because these actions are well thought out, oftentimes these actions are valid for the situation and makes for a valid source of guidance. This applies doubly so if a writer were to do a story based on actual events. How does President Dedmon, from ‘We Are Marshall’ convince the commission to continue the football program? How did Rudy Ruettiger, from Rudy make it into Norte Dame? Whether or not you agree with how the characters deal with a particular situation you’d still have to admit they could teach us something. But, it’s up to us as observers to learn.

So when you think you are at an impasse and looking to family and friends isn’t fruitful. Try looking to what other people in actual events did. Barring that look at what characters in similar situations did.

What do you guys think?