Happy Holidays Everyone – 12/25/2007

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From all of us at The Forgotten Monk to all of you. Happy Holidays everyone. We’ll be back after the new year. Make it a good one!

Announcements 12-3-2007

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A three announcements today.

* First off a winners name was drawn, currently I am making efforts to contact the reader so they can claim their prize. Once I get contact I will announce their name here.

* At the beginning of November I started at 12 readers. As of December 1, 2007 I reached 32 readers. More than half way to my goal 50. I didn’t make 50, but that’s ok considering I more than doubled my readership. Once I reach a steady 60 I’ll put up the Feedburner chicklet.

* My blog was launched on Oct 15th as of December 1, 2007 I have had 500 page views. Not too bad. I wouldn’t mind breaking that 500 page views number on a daily basis. Hey I could always dream!

Blog Announcements

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The last time I checked I was at 38 subscribers. Only 12 more to go to make my goal! I’ve been trying something different with my posts as you will begin to see on Wednesday. Also, I’m still having trouble with my drafts publishing without my intending them to be. So, if you are seeing them I’m sorry. Those are mistakes that somehow don’t get deleted on some readers.

Don’t forget to sign up! At the end of the month I’ll be passing out a prize on a lucky winner! As I said I’m trying something different with my posts so let me know what all of you think when you read it on Wednesday!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ll be back with another top 10 on Monday.

Blog Announcements for 11/19/2007

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I’ve been getting clicks on my affiliates but no purchases. I will be getting rid of ‘The Goal Guys‘ and In It For Life. There just doesn’t seem to be enough interest. I’ll be keeping Anthony Robbins
for now.

The humor piece of the week is written by my brother. Also, I’ve added a message at the top of the page asking for subscribers. Let’s see what happens!

Blog Announcements for 11/04/2007

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I’ve decided to start Mondays off with a humor piece and a State of the Monthly Goal piece and a blog/announcement piece. It seems my top ten lists are pretty popular. So, I’m going to start a featurette for every Monday “My Top Ten List For Things I Learned From (fill in the blank).” It’ll be a humorous piece and not necessarily for personal development per se, but to put you in a good humorous mood for the start of the workweek. My Top 10 List for Things I Learned From Horror Movies was popular.

Friday’s feature a “Clip of the week”. If you read last Fridays post you should be aware that I end the workweek on an inspirational note, a little reward for a week of hard work.

I’m still working out particular topics for Tuesday through Wednesdays. I have some ideas in mind but not enough to tell you about it yet. The main point of the blog is to combine a mix of personal development/self improvement with movies, books and tv thrown in. I really didn’t want to post movie reviews because there are already so many sites doing that. I may post an opinion piece here or there regarding things going on in the entertainment industry or personal development.

Let me know what you think, If you like how I’m arraigning the featurettes and/or what topics you’d like to see me blog about let me know.